Game requirements, 1 dice, 2-7 colour counters or random objects, the fold-out cd poster insert of the game and then print off the following instructions or read from website.

To play the game you must select a band member and use an object to represent that player.  Suggestions being colour counters, plectrums, bottle corks, stones, anything at all.  The objective of the game is to “Get tae Wick” for a gig starting from either Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dunvegan, Glenfinnan or Kent.  If starting from Kent you are playing Tim Edey and you must miss 10 turns before joining the game at Edinburgh.  Select a playing order and player 1 then throws the dice and moves towards Wick as depicted by the number on the dice.  If you land on a number you must look up the relevant instructions relating to that number from the following details.  From Inverness northwards you are travelling together as a band and therefore all penalties apply to all players.  If you throw a 6 you may throw again but 3 consecutive 6’s result in disqualification from the game.  To win the game you must land on 19 and throw a 6.
It is vital to remember what number you land on after each go as there is a good chance the counters could go flying at some point.


Travelling from Dunvegan

  1. Get involved in music session with “Peatbog Faeries”, miss 4 turns.
  2. In collision with a sheep, miss 2 turns.
  3. Scotch mist transports you back to the days of Mairi Mhor nan Oran!  Good luck getting back to 2008!  Miss 5 turns.
  4. Get involved in music session with Garry Porch, go back to Avernish and miss 3 turns.
  5. Blizzard conditions, check into guesthouse, miss 3 turns.
  6. Had an amazing gig, re-throw.
  7. Abducted by aliens, go back to Kent.
  8. Caught speeding, miss a turn.
  9. Collected fiddle from Charlie Webster’s, sounds amazing!  Advance to Inverness (12 on map).
  10. Road blocked by Loch Ness Monster, miss 2 turns.
  11. Just realised you left your instruments behind, go back to any start point.


You are now on the A9, follow Perth instructions.

Travelling from Aberdeen

  1. Bad weather delays Shetland flight, miss 4 turns.
  2. Get involved in music session with “Old Blind Dogs”, miss 2 turns.
  3. Big music session with “Fiddlers’ Bid”, end up on Shetland Ferry, go back to Aberdeen, miss 5 turns.


You are now on the A9, follow Perth instructions.

Travelling from Glenfinnan

  1. Big music session in Glenfinnan, miss 4 turns.
  2. Van breaks down, attacked by midges, miss 2 turns.
  3. Kidnapped by “Pirates of Puirt” and taken to Morar, then Rum, then Eigg and rejoin game in Glenfinnan, miss 5 turns.
  4. Get lost in the hills, rescued by “Old Angus”, go back to Fort William and miss 3 turns.
  5. Camanachd Cup traffic on road, miss 3 turns.


You are now on the A9, follow Perth instructions.

Travelling from Perth, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Kent.

  1. Bank Holiday weekend, caravans on road, miss 4 turns.
  2. Flashed by speed camera, miss 2 turns.
  3. Big music session in Dunkeld, miss 5 turns
  4. Get involved in a pub quiz!   At this point the rest of the game players can invent a question for this player, ie a traditional music question!  If answered correctly advance to 6!  If incorrect miss 3 turns.
  5. Severe flooding, stop off in Ballinluig for a break, miss 3 turns.
  6. All traffic stops to witness the Northern lights!  You have an open road, re-throw!
  7. Abducted by aliens, rejoin game in Kent!
  8. Puncture! Miss a turn.
  9. Van breaks down, get a tow all the way to Inverness (12 on map).
  10. Deer on road, miss 2 turns.
  11. Just realised you left your instruments behind, go back to any start point.
  12. INVERNESS.  The sun’s shining, rest up, destination North, the going gets real tough from here.  You need to roll a 1,3 or a 5 to carry on!
  13. Have tunes and snooker tournament at Chisholm’s, miss 3 turns.
  14. Broke fiddle string in van session, have to return to Charlie Webster’s (9 on map).
  15. Missing musician traced in Inverness.  Return to pick them up (12 on map).
  16. Stopped of for sauna near Evanton.  Wait for next turn.
  17. Stop for photo session, freak fire from exploding flashgun singes bow hairs, back to Charlie Webster’s (9 on map) for repairs and hit the road when you throw 2, 4 or 6.
  18. Left instrument at Kirkhill, go back to 13 on map.
  19. Are you feeling lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.  Wait in turn and throw again to find out.
  20. “Have you seen my fiddle?”.Return to any starting point.
  21. “You sold my fiddle!” Return to any starting point.
  22. Did you put the piano in the back of the van?  Return to any starting point
  23. Snare drum damaged, go back to Glasgow for repairs.
  24. You’re not gonna believe this boys!  Back to any starting point!


Session A9 hope that nobody is offended by their mention in this game.  All characters and places are mentioned with respect and fondness.  If you have played the game please let us know what you think about it.  All comments appreciated on forum.